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History of lit


Merriam-Webster defines 'lit' as "exciting, as well as a broader meaning along the lines of excellent..." Therefore, since approximately 5,000 B.C., humanity has been lit. For centuries, scholars have done their best to separate generations into categories (i.e. millennials, Generation X, baby boomers, etc.), but they have failed to realize that we all have one quality that makes us equal, and that is the quality of being lit. Generation Lit was created to destroy the 'generation gap', as well as any other manmade discriminatory categories, and bring people together! Generation Lit embraces EVERYONE!

You can't spell LIT without a tee

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"We just want to see ALL people come together and get lit."

— J.M. Pointer; Founder

Our hoodie will keep you lit in all weather conditions

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QuaLITy Products


All of our products (shirts, hoodies, beanies, caps, lighters, etc.) are quality assured! This means we strive to guarantee that your clothing is eLITe, or the best of the best, in a layperson's terminology. 

Long sleeve? More like LIT sleeve

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